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Utopia Throat Punch

Utopia Throat Punch
(Aug 2006 - 3 pages)

Careen, the internationally renowned projectile-vomiting superstar returns from her disastrous pop career.
Utopia Throat Punch

Nebulae, Dwarfs, Holes

Nebulae, Dwarfs & Holes
(May 1998 - 32 pages)

Harry Sadist returns from a couple of years in the wilderness to find the TeenScene media empire is crumbling and a group of diabolical celebrity shortarses are trying to take over the world. Business is firmly taken care of.
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Fashion Victim

Fashion Victim
(Summer 1996 - 3 pages)

A devastating critique of the self-important fashion industry or a barrage of jaw-dropping unpleasantness - you decide. Contains the best/worst punchline ever.
Created for the Dead-Online internet magazine, part of AOL's early output.
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Holy Shit

CensorShit - Episode 4: Holy Shit
(February 1996 - 23 pages)

Bulchester Comprehensive's Phys. Ed. Teacher and Melon Farmer Headmaster both receive a painful piercing. A government conspiracy is uncovered. This episode was drawn after the demise of Deadline magazine and is published here for the first time.
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Heavy Shit

CensorShit - Episode 3: Heavy Shit
(October/November 1995 - 14 pages)

Harry, Scene and Careen pay Pope a visit, and Harry meets his match. Appeared in the last-ever issue of Deadline magazine (No. 71).
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Chicken Shit

CensorShit - Episode 2: Chicken Shit
(August/September 1995 - 16 pages)

With hundreds of people running through the streets in an orgy of violence and destruction, Harry has only one priority - to get shitfaced on cheap booze. Originally appeared in Deadline magazine Issue 70 August/September 1995.
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Tough Shit

CensorShit - Episode 1: Tough Shit
(June/July 1995 - 17 pages)

The shit hits the fan when an urban pacification scheme goes disasterously wrong. Originally appeared in Deadline magazine Issue 69 June/July 1995.
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SADIST 1A - Episode 5
(December 1994/January 1995 - 18 pages)

Harry awakens from a six-month coma and goes about righting wrongs in this heart-wrenching and stomach-churning conclusion to the saga. Originally appeared in Deadline issue 66.
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SADIST 1A - Episode 4
(October/November 1994 - 17 pages)

In an attempt to fund her new existence as an exile, Mink goes fucking apeshit with a combat shotgun at a liquor store. Featuring the official Sadist boardgame. Originally appeared in Deadline issue 65.
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SADIST 1A - Episode 3
(August/September 1994 - 8 pages)

Shocking truths about the British aristocracy are revealed when Harry and Mink visit the Chicken Geezer restaurant. The evening is ruined by an overdose of psychotropic drugs, automatic weapons and student poetry. Originally appeared in Deadline issue 64.
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SADIST 1A - Episode 2
(June/July 1994 - 16 pages)

Harry and mechanic pal Neville Carcass arrive at HRH Princess Mink's hotel room and are promptly treated to a brutal beating by the crazed aristo. Learning that Mink is a suicidal, transgender drug addict, Harry takes her for a Happymeal. Originally appeared in the Deadline summer special - issue 63.
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SADIST 1A - Episode 1
(May 1994 - 8 pages)

Harry Sadist's afternoon of football is interrupted when TeenScene calls with a new job. A fragile member of the royal family needs a bodyguard - what could possibly go wrong?.
Everything. Everything could possibly go wrong. Originally appeared in Deadline issue 62.
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(February 1994 - 6 pages)

One of Scene's bands gets in a mess, so Harry, the post-feminist new man helps with the cleaning up. Originally appeared in Deadline issue 59.
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(September 1992 - 16 pages)

When Scene's newest talent, Janet Klaxon, decides to hand her management over to god, Harry gets the goat. This was originally made for a bumper last issue of Lobster Telephone that was never printed.
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The Lobster Years
The Lobster Years
(May 1989 - 1992)

A collection of earlier Sadist comic strips from in and around Lobster Telephone magazine - Edd Hillier's Nottingham based publication famed for it's bewildering content and dirt-cheap cover price.


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