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UPDATE! - 01.01.15

Mr Morris has been involved with a couple of new publications which you can now buy with real-world cash money and clutch with your trembling hands in this broken, festering hell we call reality!

The Mammoth Book Of Cult Comics

512 pages of cult cartoonic badness from recent decades
of British and American underground comic strip art.

Includes the first international publication of
SADIST: Nebulae, Dwarfs & Holes.

A chance to catch up on previously unseen hidden gems.

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The Cranium Stockpile

24 artists disciplined in illustration, graffiti and tattooing
from across the UK, France, Singapore, Austalia,
China and the USA were sent the same
medical illustration of a skull and invited
by artist Kev Grey to depict a skull loosely
inspired by it using only black & white.

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Both of these books are, of course, approved by the forces of evil.

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