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Antigonus exits, pursued by a bear


A great deal of the language in the Sadist comic strip is colourful and esoteric - which can cause problems for readers that don't know their Arse from their Apricots. Here we present the essential GLOSSARY OF TERMS.

Apparatus - the male genitalia, the crown jewels, the cock and balls.
Apricots - the bollocks, the testicles, the nuts.
Arse - the buttocks and/or the anus.
Arse-Faced Baboon - a disagreeable person, possibly someone that resembles a large back-to-front ape.
Arse Tags - dingleberries, winnits, men in the rigging.
Bark It - to throw a seven,to cash one's chips, to expire.
Barse - the area between the bollocks and the arse.

ApricotsArse-Faced BaboonBoston SteamerBloompy

Batter - semen, spunk, spooge.
Batterpuss - someone who regularly has semen on their face, for one reason or another.
Belfast Physio - broken kneecaps.
Bible Spanker - a religious maniac.
Bloompy - Receiving oral pleasure while defecating. Supposedly Gene Simmons' favorite.
Bollocks - the clock weights, the knackers, the testicles.
Boston Steamer - Defecating on a sexual partner, especially in the mouth or on the chest.
Bran Pipe - the anus, the poo chute.
Brown Hatter - a sodomite with a discoloured helmet.
Brown Shower - A mildly inelegant term for a seriously inelegant act. Exactly what you think it is.
Bukkake - An ancient Japanese art/tradition wherein ten to a hundred men gather around a woman and ejaculate on her face.
Buttsucker - a person that sucks poo chutes.
Carse - the female equivalent of the barse.
Centrepiece - the vagina, the beef curtains.
Chicken in the Jungle - an economy food product consisting of mechanically recovered meat formed into jungle animal shapes.

Chuckle BrothersCouncil GritterCream CrackersCustard Monkey

Chuckle Brothers, the - the testicles, the cobblers, the balls.
Cleveland Steamer - Like the Boston Steamer, but with a clingfilm shield.
Clusterhound - a person with a fervent interest in dingleberries.
Cockwash - the vagina, the flower.
Coprophiliac - a person with a disturbing interest in excrement.
Cordite - A smokeless explosive powder consisting of nitrocellulose, nitroglycerin, and petrolatum that has been dissolved in acetone, dried, and extruded in cords.
Council gritter - shitter (Cockney rhyming slang). The anus.
Cream Crackers - the testicles, the bollocks, the knackers (Cockney rhyming slang).
Croak - to pass away, to die, to buy the farm.
Cum Quaffer - a disagreeable person with a thirst for piping hot men's milk.
Custard Monkey - someone that resembles a chimpanzee dipped in spunk.
Dingleberries - small pieces of excrement attached to hairs around the anal opening.
Dinner Masher - a man that uses his erect penis to "mash" another mans dinner via his arse hole. A homosexual.

Dinner MasherDogsuckerGary GlitterHomunculus

Dirty Sanchez - A moustache painted on with poo or what Tyler James has on his face.
Dogsucker - someone with more than a passing interest in our canine friends.
Fadge - the vagina, the salmon canyon.
Fixed Grinner - someone that is permanently happy due to religious self-delusion.
Fudge - excrement, shit, arse candy.
Fudge Buff - a sodomite or coprophiliac.
Gary Glitter - shitter (Cockney rhyming slang). The arsehole.
Gary Hole, the - see Gary Glitter.
Glass - A super-concentrated form of methamphetamine.
Hampton - the penis. From the cockney rhyming slang 'Hampton Wick' - Dick.
Head Mash - mental turmoil, upset, distress.
Head Pickler - a state of confusion, or someone that causes it.
Helmetize - nobody knows what this means.
Hogwild - out of control, crazy.
Homunculus - a short person who appears to suffer greatly from being a short person.
Hoon - Hooligan (Australian slang).
Horse Molesting - interfering with our equine chums in a way that they don't like.

Horse MolestingJohn HolmesHot LunchJohn Ritter

Hot Chocolate Shake - the most astonishingly unpleasant sexual act ever created.
Hot Karl - What is Hot Karl? - the jury is still out. Hot Karl apparently refers either to defecating in or on a partner during/after sex, assaulting someone with a sock filled with poo or a lady taking a dump on a glass coffee table while a gentleman lies underneath it and pleasures himself. Whatever Hot Karl turns out to be, you want nothing to do with it.
Hot Lunch - Shitting in someone else's mouth.
Iron Hoof - poof (Cockney rhyming slang). A homosexual man.
Jellies - see Wobbly Eggs.
John Holmes - a famous 1970's pornstar - notorious for his tragic life and sizeable chopper.
John Ritter - shitter (Cockney rhyming slang). The anal opening.
Kipperhole - the vagina.
Kipperland - a charming term for a lady.
Old Medicine Ball - the head, the cranium, the skull.
Meat & Two Veg - the male genitalia, the penis and testicles, the evil trio.
Men's cream - semen, jizz, spunk.
Men's milk - see Men's cream.
Men's mayonaise - see Men's cream.
Mephitic Shitheel - a disagreeable person, a poisonous, foul-smelling bastard.
Mickey Finn - a drink spiked with alcohol or drugs.

Mephitic ShitheelNellieRaspberry RippleRick Witter

Moulinex - to violently assault someone or something.
Mount Hooten Road - a well known street in the historic British city of Nottingham. Also, the noise everyone makes when they vomit copiously in the Sadist universe, for reasons too complicated to explain.
Nellie - homosexual, gay, queer.
Panel Beating - work done to an automobile's bodywork to correct accident damage.
Pear Shaped - wrong.
Rrrarse - a vague declaration of disrespect, doubt and/or displeasure.
Raspberry Ripple - a disabled person, a cripple (Cockney rhyming slang).
Reverse Hot Chocolate Shake - the only thing that's worse than the Hot Chocolate Shake.
Rick Witter - shitter (Cockney rhyming slang). The bran pipe.
Russian Roulette - a game of chance in which a person attempts to avoid auto-termination using a revolver with five empty chambers and one bullet .
Saigon Roulette - a less time-consuming version of Russian Roulette using a revolver with five bullets and one empty chamber.
Seattle Roulette - the doubt-free variation of Russian Roulette using a fully loaded pump-action shotgun. Popular with musicians of the early 1990's grunge scene.
Shit Bag - a receptacle for excrement, poo, bum toffee.
Shitbox - da ass.
Shit Pump - a mechanical device used in the processing of raw sewage, or somebody who resembles one.

Shit PumpSkimmed MilkSnudgerTeabagging

Shit Pink - to become so angry that your stools turn an unusual colour.
Shit Thrower - a disagreeable person that causes trouble for everyone around them.
Shit Twister - a coprophiliac.
Skimmed Milk - weak, watered down, half-assed.
Sky Pilot - a religious person.
Snudger - a gentleman that gains sexual pleasure from sniffing a lady's bicycle seat.
Snudgeman - a Snudger.
Spunk - sperm, curd, men's cream.
Squash bananas up his arse - In 1994 Disney released an electronic talking story book based on the Lion King film - parents soon complained that a sound sample of Rafiki the baboon shaman appeared to be chanting "squash bananas up his arse". This bizarre incident is referenced in the Sadist story "Nebulae, Dwarfs & Holes" and you can listen to Rafiki here. Apparently the offending phrase was some innocent Swahili/English mixup and the Disney corporation does not condone the insertion of fruit into the anus.
Streak of piss - a tall, thin and disagreeable person.
Talk to Ralph Down the Big Phone - to vomit uncontrollably into a toilet.
Teabagging - Dipping your balls into a sexual partner/murder victim's open mouth. Popular with online players of Xbox favourite Halo2.
Weapons Grade - to be extremely concentrated, powerful, relentless.
Wobbly Eggs - Temazepam. A prescription sleeping pill that can be cooked up and injected into the veins to produce an opiate-like high. Popular in Scotland. Causes gangrene/death.


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