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Nebulae, Dwarfs & Holes

Harry Sadist returns from a couple of years in the wilderness to find the TeenScene media empire is crumbling and a group of diabolical celebrity shortarses are trying to take over the world. Business is firmly taken care of.



Tarot reading

Death and...

...The Tower

Huge, bald & insane

Squash bananas up his arse

You look like shit, mate


My Apparatus!

furry motherfucker


In hot persuit


Do not kill

Church of Voodoo

Voodoo dolls

Baboon with rifle

Scrapings from the abattoir

Brian brings forth

The Seven Dwarfs

Lick him in the ring

King Singh


Open your mind

Farewell to arms

Carcass Motors

Lottery numbers

Brian's demise

Bulk Fruit

Action figures

Back cover



Gainsborough: filth chaos danger insanity and asbestos Olsens DFS shag


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