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UPDATE! - 24.09.06

To celebrate our first anniversary (*cough* four months ago *cough*) has had a makeover. We've slapped some paint on the wallpaper, put up some shelves in the WTF? section and draped a cloth over the damp patch in the links page to give the impression that we've actually done some work!.

Meanwhile, Mr Morris has been sobered up and forced to create Utopia Throat Punch - the first new Sadist comic strip since 1998. After eight years of inactivity the author has an awful lot of badness stored up in his pens, keep checking back to see the gradual roll-out of this appalling opus.

Dom would like to thank the many scumbags, liggers and replicants that have e-mailed him through the site with their support - contact Morris and he'll send you free comics and stuff.

Cream Suit

Hamster at the controls


Gainsborough: let them hate so long as they fear Jude Pat Roach


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